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Sculpture Tours and Full Color Hardbound & Paperback Books
Available through our new Square Market

Order your book or tour here:

Woodlands Outdoor Sculptures from ATM Production on Square Market

SculpTour from ATM Production on Square Market

Full Color 13x19" Posters & 5x7" Postcards
are also available by contacting:

Anthony Motto


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Digital Accents

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Educational Packets Available

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Each sculpture represented by:

  • 1 -  Color Poster (13x19)

  • 1 - 8.5x11 in. Full Color Transparency (consisting of 3 or 4 different views)

  • 4 - 5x7 in. Full Color Postcards (single view of sculpture)

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Multimedia enhancements available -

  • Personalized Sculp-Tours

  • Class/Group lectures

  • Teacher-driven presentations

  • Interactive modules

E-mail for details.

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