The Woodlands

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The Woodlands Outdoor Sculptures

"If I have seen farther, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants"
Quote by Sir Isaac Newton

   We all had a great time yesterday. Lots of fun and we could hear every interesting word even during rush hour and high winds.
Thank you!"

A tour of 8 local residents

From the moment I saw, "On the Shoulders of Giants" by Robert Cook, it has been my goal to contribute something that would build an awareness and appreciation for each and every outdoor sculpture that resides in The Woodlands, Texas area.

"The tours conducted by Tony Motto are informative, well-run, and entertaining. Tony is very knowledgeable and humorous. Members of the Fine Arts Council have participated in two 'Sculp-Tours' with Tony. The tours are a wonderful and comfortable way to learn about the uniqueness of the Woodlands through the many beautiful outdoor sculptures that we often fail to notice in our travels around the area. Tony's passion for the arts is evident in his enthusiasm."
--Pat Scwhartz, Co-President,
The John Cooper School Fine Arts Council, 2011

The Woodlands outdoor sculptures collection is one of the largest collections of outdoor sculptures for a community of its size in the continental United States. There are numerous unique sculptures situated throughout The Woodlands area. It is my pleasure to present this massive collection of artwork here in a virtual tour format.

This website will be a success if it motivates people to search for these wonderful sculptures in their natural settings. Take a moment from the quick-paced lives we are forced into and treasure the beauty that stands literally at your backdoor.

"It was a great tour, with lots of details about the sculptures and the history of The Woodlands.  Thanks for taking the time to answer all of our questions.  We had a wonderful time!"

OR take a Sculp-Tour! View over 20 different sculpture settings in comfort and learn all the interesting facts and fun tidbits about each one. Each tour takes about two hours and costs only $15.00 per person.

"What a wonderful tour, Tony. You were so knowledgeable and spoke so clearly. I learned so many new things about
The Woodlands and saw art I never knew was here,
after living here since 1985!
Thanks, Barbara & Rick"

Two tours available: East - Town Center Area & West - Lake Woodlands (the lake, not the road) to 242. Click here to see a map. CALL 281-467-8818 to book your tour today!

Or click here to purchase your tour online through our SquareUp Marketplace!

~ 2 to 24 people ~ 9:30am or 1:30pm departures ~ 7 days a week!

The Picture Gallery link located to the left will take you to a menu of thumbnail images representing each sculpture. Enjoy your visit & return often as I will updating this site as much as possible.

"Tony we wanted to thank you for the delightful tour today.  It was informative, interesting and quite lovely.  We enjoyed the research and dedication you have given to this project and commend you for it.  I so admire people who take this kind of initiative and bring about a wonderful series of outcomes for their community and the beauty within it.  Well done!  Good luck as you move forward.
Flo and Mike"

Click Here to learn more about "The Way Home" Veterans Memorial Monument and Greater Woodlands Public Art Foundation

Please drop me a line using this simple survey form.

~ A Hardbound & Paperback book about the sculpture collection is available NOW!

Hard cover (96 pages) - $39.95 (Click to preview)
Paperback (56 pages) - $19.95 (Click to preview)

Order your copy from the following locations:
Frame Craft Gallery

Or order a copy online through this website, CLICK HERE

Or call (281) 467-8818 to order a signed copy as a gift!


God - what I am, what I can do; it's because of you.

Jo Lynn - for being my best friend and my strongest supporter.

Mr. Coulson Tough - for the strength and perseverance to amass such a collection.

Mrs. Marilyn Wylie - an inspiration to so many and my motivation to complete this project.

Last Updated: July 2013
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